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"A great work of fantasy, it has everything a good fantasy novel should have: talking animals, time travel, 80’s hits being blared from speakers during the big battle. If you’re seeking a unique fantasy this book is the one for you." - Literary Titan


Sometimes the most dangerous thing in the universe is a man with nothing left to lose...


Thomas Knight is a professional photographer struggling to cope with the sudden death of his wife. Drawn into the heart of an ancient prophecy involving a legendary sword and a mysterious vintage camera, he suddenly finds himself transported to a medieval world beyond his imagination.

The last of the Verðldian kingdoms is about to be destroyed by an unspeakable evil, and if they fall, Earth will be next. With the fate of two worlds at stake, Thomas embarks upon a quest to oppose something believed to be unstoppable, guided only by a cryptic rhyme, a talking cat, a warrior princess, and her pop culture obsessed brother.


Fast paced and full of surprises and quirky characters, The Warrior With Broken Wings is an epic tale that will make you believe in magic, redemption, and the power of destiny.

The Warrior With Broken Wings

SKU: 0003
  • Paperback copy of "The Warrio With Broken Wings," signed by author Thorsten Brandl.

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